Welcome Supporters (Friends, Family & anyone enjoying the game)


Club supporters are encouraged to enjoy the fun and excitement of watching great soccer and join in barracking for their favourite team. 

A range of apparel is available from the club, to let everyone know which team you support.

Supporters are also encouraged to participate in various charitable, fund-raising, and community activities throughout the season.

To ensure that every game is a fun and enjoyable experience for all, we’ve adopted a Supporters Code of Conduct, and also club policies on conduct around the park. Please take the time to become familiar with these.

In the interest of the game, the club wishes to make all aware of the stand being taken by many sports to eliminate “Sports Rage”. QHJSC along with the Blacktown District Soccer Football Association (BDSFA) have set a “Zero Tolerance Approach” in our sport for everyone involved, from players, Coaches, Managers and Supporters.

There are many activities relating to the smooth operation of the club that can be very rewarding and provide an opportunity to make a whole new circle of friends. For those interested in contributing, please contact the club committee to find out what roles are available.